Taiwan Cooperative Bank Research Scholarship Establishment

  1. According to “Taiwan Cooperative Bank Research Scholarship Establishment Regulations”
  2. Application qualifications
    a. Each national or private university’s seniors, or graduate/ PhD. students who have studied 1 year in the department, and during that semester had not received this research scholarship.
    b. Total average score above 85 in both fall and spring semester, or be at 5% in class (seniors), 25% (graduate), 40% (PhD.)
  3. Applied documents
    a. Transcripts of fall and spring semester or grade percentage reserved copy issued by school.
    b. Recommendation and thesis verification: graduate and PhD. students should be recommended by chair of the department, undergraduate students should be recommended by professor in related courses with the remarked thesis verification.
    c. Research thesis: research range should be related to national industrial economy development which could be economy or financial problem1. d. “Personal Information Notification of Applied Research Scholarship” agreement document1.
    e. Research thesis should be issued in one’s own name, we will not accept cooperative paper with peers or professors. If the thesis is written in English, please attach the Chinese summary.
  4. After being verified, the qualified would be awarded with certificate and scholarship. College students would be 15,000 NT dollars per person, graduate students 18,000 NT dollars, PhD students 25,000 NT dollars. After having approval of the awarded thesis writer, the bank could public or print without giving any draft fee. Applicants’ awarded qualification could be the reference of future promotion.
  5. The bank will hold the award ceremony, awarded students please participate the ceremony then.
  6. The attached files are “Research Scholarship Setting Method” , “Recommendation and Thesis Review List” and “Personal Information Announcement” agreement documents, please print it out as an alternate or check out the download area of the website.(www.tcb-bank.com.tw)
  7. Related application documents please send to No.225, 2nd section, Chang-an East Road, SongShan District, Taipei City (zip code 105), received by Cooperative Bank Research Department and please indicate “application for year 108 research scholarship” on the envelope.