Other Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Su-Mei ChangMaster in Econimics, Tennessee State UniversityStatistics, Labor EconomicsStatistics
Cheng-Cheng ChenPh.D. in Economics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität MünchenIndustrial Economics, Quantitative Method 
Cheng-Tsang ChenMaster in Econimics, National Taiwan UniversityMicroeconomics, Industrial Structure 
Po-Chih ChenPh.D. in Econimics, National Taiwan UniversityInternational Trade Policy 
Tain-Jy ChenPh.D. in Economics, Pennsylvania State UniversityTrade Theory, Foreign Direct Investment 
Chien-Fu ChouPh.D. in Economics,  Yale UniversityMicroeconomics, Industrial EconomicsEconomic Mathematics
Hui-Lin LinPh.D. in Economics, Brown UniversityApplied Econometrics, Industrial Economics, Statistics 
Chien-Fu Jeff LinPh.D. in Economics, University of California, San DiegoMacroeconomic Analysis, Financial Investment, Empirical Analysis 
Chen SunPh.D. in Economics, University of OklahomaEconomic Development, Macroeconomics 
Tsong-Min WuPh.D. in Economics, University of RochesterTaiwan’s economic development , Monetary policyPrinciple of Economics

Joint Appointment Faculty

Kong-Pin ChenPhD. University of Rochester (1993)Law and Economics, Microeconomics, Theory of Elections, Labor EconomicsMicroeconomics
Chung-Ming KuanPh.D. in Economics, University of California, San Diego (1989)Econometric Theory, Financial Econometrics, Macroeconomic Forecasting, Program EvaluationEconometrics

Visiting Scholar

NameEducationResearch FieldVisiting Time 
Ching-to Albert MaThe London School of Economics and Political ScienceIncentives and Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, Health Economics2023/10/6-2024/1/8