Adjunct Faculty

Chen, Been-LonPh D. in Economics, University of California at Los AngelesMacroeconomics and Monetary EconomicsEconomic Growth
Chen, Cheng-TsangMaster in Economics, National Taiwan UniversityMicroeconomics, Industrial Structure 
Chen, Po-ChinPh.D. in Economics, National Taiwan UniversityInternational Trade Policy 
Chen, Tain-JyPh.D. in Economics, Pennsylvania State UniversityTrade Theory, Foreign Direct Investment 
Chi, SchivePh.D. in Economics, Case Western Reserve UniversityEconomic GrowthEconomic Growth
Chou, Chien-FuPh.D. in Economics, Yale UniversityMicroeconomics, Industrial EconomicsEconomic Mathematics
Chu, C. Y. CyrusPh.D. in Econimics, University of MichiganFamily Economics, Population Economics, Law and Economics, Public Economics 
Chu, Yun-Peng Ph.D. in Econimics, University of MarylandEconomic Development, Income DistributionEconomic Development, Income Distribution
Hsieh, Der-tzonPh.D. in Economics, National Taiwan UniversityMoney & Banking ,Management of Financial Institutions, Financial Management 
Hsu, Wen-TaiPh.D. in Economics, University of MinnesotaUrban and Regional Economics, International Economics 
Jang, Show-LingPh.D. in Economics, Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMicroeconomics, Innovation and Industrial Economics, Industrial Organization 
Kelly OldsPh.D. in Economics, University of RochesteEconomic History 
Lai, Ching-ChongPh.D. in Economics, National Taiwan UniversityInternational Finance Theory, Macroeconomic Theory 
Lien, Hsien-MingPh.D. in Economics, Boston UniversityHealth Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Economics 
Lin, Chien-Fu JeffPh.D. in Economics, University of California, San DiegoMacroeconomic Analysis, Financial Investment, Empirical Analysis 
Lin, Hui-LinPh.D. in Economics, Brown UniversityApplied Econometrics, Industrial Economics, Statistics 
Lin, Yi-HsuanPh.D. in Economics, Boston UniversityDecision Theory, Revealed Preference Theory 
Liu, Bih JanePh.D. in Economics, University of Wisconsin-MadisonInternational Trade, Trade Policy, Foreign Direct Investment, China Study 
Shea, Jia-DongPh.D. in Economics, Stanford UniversityWelfare Economics, International Trade, Monetary Theory and Policy 
Tsaur, Tien WangPh.D. in Economics, National Taiwan UniversityInternational FinanceInternational Finance
Wu, Chung-ShuPh.D. in Economics, Northwestern University (1984)Monetary Theory and Policy, International Finance, Economic ForecastEconomic Policy of Taiwan
Wu, Tsong-MinPh.D. in Economics, University of RochesterTaiwan’s Economic Development, Monetary PolicyPrinciple of Economics
Yeh, Chun-HsienPh.D. in Economics, University of RochesterMicroeconomics and Mathematical Economics, Political and Public Economy 
Yeh, Shu-jenPh.D. in Economics, University of PittsburghEconomic History, Economic Development, Agricultural Economics 
Mao, Ching-ShengPh.D. in Economics, University of RochesterMacroeconomics, Monetary Theory and Policy 
Lee, Hsien-FengPh.D. in Economics, University of BielefeldPublic Finance, European Economy 
Lin, Taong-YauPh.D. in Economics, University of Southern CaliforniaMoney and banking, International finance, Macroeconomic, Monetary theory and Policy, International economics, Comparative economics 
Juang, Wei-TorngPh.D. in Economics, University of CambridgeMicroeconomics and Mathematical EconomicsGame Theory
Yang, Tzu-TingPh.D. in Economics, University of British ColumbiaPublic Economics, Labor Economics, Health EconomicsTopics in Labor Economics: Empirical Methods and Applications
Li, MassonPh.D. in Economics, University of Wisconsin-MadisonInvestment Analysis, Financial Report Analysis 
Liu, Lan-yiPh.D. Candidate in Economics, National Taiwan University  
Wei, Sheng-LunPh.D. Candidate in Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University