PhD Qualify Test

Ph.D. students need to pass their qualifying tests on the main following subjects: 
(1) Pass the qualifying tests on Microeconomic Theory I, Microeconomic Theory II, and Macroeconomic Theory I at the end of the first year. 
(2) Finish the required course Econometric Theory I and Econometric Theory II with scores of A- or above before the end of the second year.
(3) Finish at least one course in the Macroeconomics and Monetary Field with a score of A- or above before the end of the second year.
(4) Finish the field thesis defense before the end of the fourth year. Field thesis and your degree thesis are different, field thesis is the thesis before your degree thesis, it’s kind of a warm-up one to help you prepare your final thesis well.
(5) Other requirements: Doing the TA job on the Ph.D. required courses for 2 semesters.
(6) Others. After you’ve finished the above items, please contact the department office to help your check for all the other requirements.

Apply for the Qualifying test:
I. Scheduled Time:
The qualifying test will be held twice every academic year. Qualifying tests are held during summer vacation. The first one will be in July, and the second one will be in August. If a Ph.D. student doesn’t pass the July qualifying test, she/he will need to attend the test in August (the second qualifying test).

II. Register for qualify test in March
Ph.D. students who would like to attend the qualifying test in July should register for the test from the department office in March. If a Ph.D. student chooses not to attend the qualifying test in July, she/he should apply for taking semester(s) off from NTU academic affairs office before the beginning of the final exam in the spring semester.

Contact person:
Lichen Yang (Ms.) 楊禮禎
TEL: +886-2-3366-8447