Acquire Program Degree

Important Deadlines
    Students who have passed the cross-domain courses and meet the qualifications of the cross-domain expertise may submit the application for the degree to the Department of Economics during the period of their studies. The application for the first semester should be submitted before the end of October. The application for the second semester should be submitted before the end of March. After completing the three-stage credits according to the regulations, and checked by the board, students’ school documents such as degree certificate, year report, to name just a few… will be noted with  “Data Science and Social Analysis” profession.
Special Reminder!
    Please pay special attention to whether the Level 3 computer-related courses taken have in total of at least 6 credits, in which includes at least 2 groups of courses. It is also important to note that 6 of the 9 credits of the cross-domain course must be courses of other departments.