Application for Yi-Shan Exchange Scholarship

To every student,

Chung Cheng-Hong, the president of AUDIX Technology company and the alumni of the economic department, set up the Good Conduct Encouraging Exchange Student Scholar to encourage students from the department of social science to join the exchange students programs, which, our students can in turn communicate with the locals, observe the local culture, cultivate their global visions, social concerns and humanism.

Alumni Chung Cheng-Hong hopes that with the set of the scholarship, our students can positively show their concerns to the society, especially for the experience of marriage, funeral, the born and death traditions in the exchange countries, and further make efforts to learn their economy, culture, and nationality, which in turn form a positively-striking, socially-concerned and difficulty-overcoming life attitude.

Good Conduct Encouraging Exchange Student Scholarship is available from now on, students who have already earned the exchange students qualification from OIA NTU, College of Social Science, or other departments from the College of Social Science, please hand in the below information before 4/10(include undergraduates, graduates, priority for humble students)

1. Application form
2. Autobiography, written in Chinese with A4 paper, 2 pages at most
3. Annual transcript of NTU with Chinese version, showing whether have taken Economics
    or Politics (either-or option), and I-Sian Lecture of Taiwan Political Economy Problem
   and Solution
4. Study plan should include:
    (1) The cause and purpose of applying exchange program
    (2) Arrangements for going abroad (include participating, observing and experiencing
        local traditions such as marriage and funeral and the like), goals and expectations.
    (3) To the latest Taiwanese traditional marriage and funeral, applicants must
         put forward some advice to, and this part should be at least 3,000 words
5. Recommendation letter *2
6. Parents’ income certification
7. Confirmation of whether come from humble family(It’s not compulsory but for the rule of
    the scholarship, humble family students have the priority)

Above information can be handed in personally or sent to NTU department of Economics
   Address: 106 No.1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Da-an District, Taipei City
   Recipients: National Taiwan University, Department of Economics Office Ms. Shang-Yu Chen (Please inform the application of Good Conduct Encouraging Exchange Student Scholar)

The selective committee of the Good Conduct Encouraging Exchange Student Program will further hold the interview after selection according to the applicant’s documents, autobiography, and study plans.