2018 Deloitte NTU Campus Recruit Seminar

Deloitte NTU Campus Recruit Seminar and sharing invitation
9/12 (Wed) 6pm at GIS Convention Center Pareto Hall
What impact will you make?
As a campus elite in your favorite domain, have you ever asked yourself this question?
Besides being welcomed to students who are not from the Accountancy but have taken the related courses and, we will hold the seminar in terms of “round table”. By having interactions with the accountants and seniors, we provide chances for students to understand the lifestyle in the firm and to explore your own prospects.
Topics for Round Table includes:
-Is it suitable for non-accountancy students to enter the firm?
-Is it appropriate to be in Global Firm as an access to become a world talent?
-What influence can audit and assurance bring to the society?
-What is the difference in the focus of issues between business risk, consulting departments, and other consultant firms?
-How does a firm link with big data industrial 4.0, financial money laundering, and the social responsibility of the enterprise?
-Whether an innovative as well as profession-required working place become somewhere to realize your ideal dream?
And other faces of the accounting firm.
In addition, we also offer light meal bar in the hope that everyone enjoys the jubilant atmosphere! Truly invite you, in the last phase of study, to seek the answers!
9/12(Wed.) 6pm at GIS NTU Convention Center-B1 Pareto Hall
Registration link: https://www.surveycake.com/s/Qd6M6
Looking forward to your join!