National Taiwan University Department of Economics Associate Professor Huang Ching-I Sincerely Need a Graduate/Undergraduate Research Assistant

【Company Name】
 NTU Department of Economics, Associate Professor Huang Ching-I
【Job Vacancy】
Graduate/Undergraduate Research Assistant

【Job Content】
1. Deal with project-related administrative affairs and other assigned matters.
2. Assist with academic research (ex: materials collect, diagram making and documents organization etc. )

1. Graduate from departments of economics, statistics, business school or other related departments
2. Those who are familiar with quantity analysis software will be given priority.
National Taiwan University Social Science Building (No.1, Sec 4th, Roosevelt Road, Daan District, Taipei City, near Technological Building and GongGuan MRT station)
Hired from 2019/11, basically the hire duration will be to 2020/7/31. Depending on the performance will be granted a priority of renewed employment.
Time: Mon. ~ Fri. 8:00~17:00 (1 flexible hour for on/off duty)

【Monthly Leave】
Weekends and national holidays

Year-end bonus will be according to the standard of MOST (1.5 months every year), less than a year will be counted with the proportion of on-board dates. Every year you will have 7 special leaves.

【Salary Wage】
By the standards of MOST,
1st year of undergraduate: 32,466/per month
1st year of graduate: 37,132/per month

【Quantity Demand】
Students who have interests please e-mail your Chinese or English resume, transcript, other favorable documents to Please subject “Apply for research assistant-ooo (name)”in the e-mail and your documents will be examined by orders. Suitable students will be informed of interviews, others will not be further informed