[JOB] Part-time Research assistant for Assistant Professor Ziho Park (Dept of Economics)

[JOB] Part-time Research assistant for Assistant Professor Ziho Park (Dept of Economics)
* Simple replication of tables and figures in existing empirical economic research papers. In those papers,
guidelines for replications are written in detail. You can follow that guideline.
Besides getting money, you will get these things:
1. You will learn important empirical techniques and codes that are applicable to any field of economics.
2. You will learn important papers in international trade.
3. You will obtain the RA experience, which will make it easier for you to get another RA job in the future.
4. You will experience how actual research papers are written. That’s a very different valuable experience that
you can’t easily learn in the classroom.
5. I will help you to understand economic research better.
1. English speaking ability doesn’t need to be great. If you can read academic economics English while
occasionally googling words you don’t know, that’s enough.
2. Stata or R ability: If you are not good at it, you can do an easy part of this project. If you are good at it, you
will do a more difficult part. So whether you are familiar with these statistical packages, there can be some
tasks that you can do. It’s also OK to just learn it on-the-job.
Anywhere. You can work remotely.
Work hours will be flexible.
Two options are available. You may start right now. Or, you may start next year sometime before March. In
your application, write which option you prefer.
[SALARY] (Note: the following information is for a learning-oriented part-time RA)
College student: Maximum NTD 10000 per month
Graduate student: Maximum NTD 16000 per month
PhD students (who have not been selected as doctoral candidates): Maximum NTD 34000 per month
PhD students (Those who have been selected as doctoral candidates): Maximum NTD 40000 per month
Potentially multiple people
If you are interested, please email Professor Ziho Park (zihoparkziho@gmail.com) with the following
(1) Affiliation, which program you are in, what year you are in (e.g., 2nd year student in MA program at NTU
Dept of Economics)
(2) Your prior experiences in working with data using Stata or R
(3) Other explanations and documents with helpful information
Please title the email: “Part-time Application for Research Assistant – OOO (name)”
Your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The appropriate person will be notified for an interview.