2018 Unilever Taiwan Careers Competition

Dear Students! [2018 Unilever Taiwan Careers Competition] is out for registration!
Are you looking forward to the field of multinational marketing? Are you dreaming of joining the FMCG?
Do you want to practice business planning through business competition?

This year’s competition theme is Lipton. Come sign up and let the campus know about the Culture of Lipton Tea Shop.
Registration URL: https://goo.gl/qDH6c5
Team Association: https://goo.gl/pYiJha

Inspired by the online activities of Lipton ParTEA*, design an offline marketing on campus entity activity for Lipton.
Through creativity, allow people to actually experience or drink Lipton Tea**
Establish a young, lively, and interesting brand for Lipton.

 *For more information about Lipton ParTEA, please visit:
**Lipton Tea refers to Lipton Milk Tea instant package, hot tea bags; which does not include products with bottle, fresh food, nor aluminum foil package.

3-5 undergraduate or master students in a team. Not limited to certain majors, and cross-school teams are allowed.

09/03 Online Registration begins
09/30 Deadline- Preliminary Plan submission
11/21 Final Competition

For more competitions please visit: https://goo.gl/pT1WP9
2018 Unilever Business Competition is waiting for you!