Research Room Application Please apply ahead of 8/29 (Thurs.)

Research Room Application Please apply ahead of 8/29 (Thurs.)

Since our department’s research room may not be enough for all the research students, students who need research room seat please apply online and fill in your basic information. (deadline: 8/29 (Thurs.)


  1. Distribution rules
  1. Students who have applied for RA and have been allocated your seat, please do not apply.
  2. Students who have TA and TA job in academic affairs office will basically have your research room due to office hour consideration.
  3. Ph.D students will basically have your research room.
  4. 2nd year of graduate students will have research room if you apply.
  5. 3rd year of graduate students will at most have 1 research room, if there are more than 8 applications will be decided by drawing lots.
  6. If the research rooms aren’t enough for the 1st year of graduate students will be decided by drawing lots; there will be drawing once a semester for the freshman of graduate students. Application for freshman research room of 108-2 semester will start from the end of December and will be distributed by drawing lots before the end of January.
  7. Research Room Fee

Our department “Research Students’ Research Room Usage Maintenance Fee and Key Deposits Fee”, has been discussed and concluded by departmental session on 106.1.12.
Explanation is as follows:
The maintenance fee: 300 per person/semester.
Key deposits: you will be charged 200 NT dollars as deposits when borrowing the key.

About the key returning and charging details, please contact the office Ms. Tseng Yu-Fang
TEL: 3366-8443

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