“Publicity and Protection of Information in Big Data- Prospects and Dilemmas in the Use of Databases” Seminar

TIME: 2017/ 3/31 (Friday) 9:00-12:00
LOCATION: National Taiwan University, College of Law Tsai Lecture Hall, Room 1301
HOST: Professor Lin Yu-Hsiung, Department of Law, National Taiwan University

09:00 — 09:20 Sign In
09:20 — 09:30 Message from the host. Professor Lin Yu-Hsiung,  Department of Law, National Taiwan University.
09:30 — 09:50 Geographical sensing and analysis of the urban area. Associate Professor Wen Zai-Hong, Department of Geographical Environment Resources, National Taiwan University.
09:50 — 10:10 Description of someone’s daily life through mobile phone data. Associate Professor Hsieh Chi-Lung, National Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University.
10:10 — 10:30 Taiwan’s Geographic Information Space System in the era of the Otsuka era. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dong Jian-Hong, Taiwan Geographic Information Center.
10:30 — 10:50 Intermission
10:50 — 11:10 Anthropological Research Network: Multi-Level Quantitative Database. Associate Research, Lin Zong-Hong. Development and Sharing Academia Sinica, Institute of Sociology. 
11:10 — 11:30 Prospects of Taiwan’s Administrative Data Application in Social Science Research. Assistant Professor, Fan Jia-zhong,  Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
11:30 — 12:00 Q&A and Summary