“Can Trump Make the United States Great Again?” How do policies impact the world and Taiwan

The US President, Donald Trump, has always been controversial before and after his election: he has torn up many international agreements, such as withdrawing from the US-led TPP, and the Global Paris Agreement. In addition, he eagerly promoted fairness; he believes that the world economy and the trade system is not in the favor of the US, thus, unfair. Therefore, after being elected as a president, he adopted a protectionist policy in trade, and used many controversial measures. From the point of internal affairs, he took protective measures, restricted immigration, and did not respect the existing rules and traditions. His unique approach to these problems not only split the people into different parties, but also lead to changes in the staff and administrative officials of the White House. Despite the opinion of the people towards Trump has decreased as he got elected, Trump is still very serious about fulfilling the promises he had made to his people.


  • China Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture
  • Center for Public Policy and Law
  • Academic Economic Research Foundation
  • National Taiwan University, Department of Economics

TIME: Friday, 2018/5/5 13:30~17:00

LOCATION: National Taiwan University, College of Social Science, Liang Kuo-Shu International Conference Hall


  • He Si-Yin- Current Professor of International Affairs and Strategy of Tamkang University. He has served as a full time professor of Political Science at National Cheng-Chi University, Director of the International Relations Studies Center and General Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of the Presidential Office.
  • Liu Da-Nian- Current Director of the Regional Development Research Center of the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research. His main research areas are International Trade and Investment, Regional Economic Integration, and Industrial Economy. He is also a former General Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of the Presidential Office.
  • Kuo Yu-Nan- Current Director of Jin-he Center for Economic Research, his main research areas are Utility and Subjective Probability, Industrial Organization, Politics, and Regulatory Economics.

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