Taiwan Econometrics Institute Annual Seminar-107/11/3

Date: 2018/11/3 (Sat.)

Location: National Cheng-Chi University General Building of Colleges (NO.64, Sec.2, Zhi-Nan Rd., Wen-Shan District, Taipei City )
For this conference, we invite Professor Yoo-soon Chang from Indiana University, USA and Professor Hong-Jen Wang from National Taiwan University to do two excellent subject speeches, and carry out the first award ceremony and subject speech of “Taiwan Econometrics Institute Annual Seminars Young Scholars Research Award”
In addition, the institute may also arrange for scholars related to economics and finance from colleges and research centers over the globe to present the latest research outcome dealing with “econometrics theory”, “financial econometrics”, “micro econometrics”, “macro econometrics” and “financial empirical study”.
Annual Seminar Agendahttps://bit.ly/2EdAaGc
Taiwan Econometrics Institute sincerely welcome to your attendance!
Registration: Please submit the registration form before 12:00 pm,10/26 (Fri)