Pacific Economic Review Call for Paper

Call for Papers

Special Issue: The Implications of COVID-19 for Emerging Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge not just to world health but to the global economy. The forceful social distancing, testing/quarantining and lockdown reactions have triggered an economic crisis at least twice the size of the global financial crisis 2008-2009. In addition, the recovery is likely to be slow due to elevated uncertainty and depressed consumption and investment. Companies struggle to survive with the consequence that creditors have become reluctant to lend to firms. Eventually, the pandemic may also bring about a retreat from global supply chains stretched too far and thus add momentum to the deglobalisation trend observable for some time. As a response to this, policymakers around the world have rapidly deployed a wide and novel arsenal of fiscal, monetary and regulatory tools to cope with the inevitable economic recession.

Against this background, the Pacific Economic Review plans to publish a special issue under the theme “The Implications of COVID-19 for Emerging Asia”. This special issue aims to discuss about the impact of COVID-19 on Pacific Rim’s economy and find out possible solutions of the shock brought by the pandemic for the Pacific Rim’s economy. The guest editors of this special issue are Professor Michael Funke (Hamburg University) and Professor Tai-kuang Ho (National Taiwan University).

Submitted papers must be original academic work that have not been published and are not under review anywhere, and are related to, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • The Global Response to COVID-19
  • Supply Disruptions and Post-COVID-19 Supply Chains
  • The Effect of Alternative Containment Measures on the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Unconventional Monetary and Fiscal Policies to Flatten the Recession Curves
  • The COVID-19 Shock: Firm-Level Evidence from Asian Countries
  • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Effects of COVID-19
  • The Stock Market Reaction to COVID-19
  • The Emergence of COVID-19 Induced Debt Crises

Interested authors should send their submissions by email, with the subject title “The Implications of COVID-19 for Emerging Asia”, to:

Tai-kuang Ho, National Taiwan University, Taiwan,

Please submit two separate pdf files: One with the title page that includes the title, authors’ names and affiliations, abstract, corresponding address/emails, and the other one with the title page that contains only the title and abstract. The submission deadline is October 31, 2020.

The special issue is scheduled for October 2021.

Editorial Board:

  • Professor Hung-Ju Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
  • Professor Eric S. Lin (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
  • Professor Paul McNelis (Fordham University, United States)
  • Professor Larry Dongxiao Qiu (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)