Call for Papers Special Issue: Policy Responses to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Asia

Call for Papers
Special Issue: Policy Responses to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Asia

Deadline Extension

With the spread of COVID-19, the social and economic activities of countries around the world have been significantly affected. Being a key component of global supply chain, Asia is the fastest growing economic region and the largest continental economy by GDP in the world. As a critical driving force of the world economy, the impact of COVID-19 on Asian countries will also be transmitted to other continental economy. Therefore, it is crucial to better understand the economic impacts of this epidemic on Asia countries, and assess policy responses to such impacts.

In response to the challenges posed by this pandemic, policymakers have adopted various policies and measures for pandemic control, disaster relief and recovery. In-depth understanding the effects of different policy measures is beneficial for policymakers to design effective action plans, as well as enable countries to recover from the impacts of the pandemic as soon as possible. Therefore, aside from assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economies of Asian countries, it is also crucial to better understand the performance and effect of different policy measures.

In the context mentioned above, the Pacific Economic Review (PER) is planning a special issue devoted to policy responses to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Asia. This special issue aims to reflect the impacts of the pandemic on the economies of Asian countries and the effects of policy responses to the pandemic. The guest editors of this special issue are Professor Peter Chow (City University of New York), Professor Hsien-Min Lien (National Chengchi University) and Professor Chun-Hsien Yeh (Chung-hwa Institution for Economic Research and Academia Sinica).

Submitted papers must be original academic work that have not been published and are not under review anywhere. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The impacts on national or regional economies.
  • The impacts on affected markets, industries, or sectors (e.g., tourism, finance, labor, commodity, health, etc.).
  • The impacts of the pandemic on the environment and CO2 emissions.
  • Policy responses (including epidemic prevention and control, disaster relief, and recovery measures) to the pandemic and their effects.
  • The pandemic and international trade

There are no constraints on the length of individual papers and no submission fee. Manuscripts should be submitted by email, with the subject title “Policy Responses to the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on Asia”, to:

Professor Chun-Hsien Yeh, Chung-hwa Institution for Economic Research, Taiwan,

Submission should include two separate files: the pdf file of original paper and the pdf file of the title page that contains the title, authors’ names and affiliations, abstract, corresponding addresses/emails. The submission deadline is extended to December 31, 2021. The special issue is scheduled for October 2022.

Editorial Board:
Professor Henry Thompson (University of Alabama)
Professor Kohei Kawaguchi (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Professor Tsung-Sheng Tsai (National Taiwan University)
Professor Jiann-Chyuan Wang (Chung-hwa Institution for Economic Research)
Professor Je-Liang Liou (Chung-hwa Institution for Economic Research)