Part-time Research Assistant for Assistant Professor Ziho Park (Dept of Economics)

[JOB] Part-time Research Assistant for Assistant Professor Ziho Park (Dept of Economics)

You should be a current NTU student. Both undergraduate college students and graduate students can

One RA for finding Chinese policy information: Find out when and how China changed its tax and subsidy policies (e.g., “Zhejiang province announced on YYYYMMDD to increase income tax from A% to B% for those earning more than X renminbi per year starting from YYYYMMDD.”) I will give you a form to fill and more details once you email me.
Another RA for data work: I will give you a dataset (You can tell me whether you prefer Stata format or R format for the data). Call it dataset X. But X is not the raw data. There is an academic paper that explains how they constructed each variable in the dataset X from what raw data. Your job is to replicate the dataset X. That is, you download the raw data, and write Stata or R code that constructs the dataset X.
You don’t need to be good at both tasks. I might hire two RAs each doing each task.

Anywhere. You can work remotely.

Work hours will be flexible.

You may start right now.

If you are interested, please email Assistant Professor Ziho Park ( with
the following information:
(1) Please title the email: Application for Part-time RA – OOO (name)
(2) Which one of the two tasks you are interested in. You may say you are applying for both tasks, but that is not necessary.
(3) Your brief CV or just a short introduction about your ability, interests, and experiences. Explain why you can do it well.
(4) What year you are in (e.g., 1st year student in MA program at NTU Dept of Economics)
(5) Any other explanations and documents with helpful information.
(6) Desired hourly pay or per-project pay
Your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The appropriate person will be notified for an interview.